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'...he was no more than an inexpert Dabbler in the mysteries; but at least - he thanked the Gods therefore - he knew when he sat in the presence of a master...'

Kim, Rudyard Kipling

Daily Dabblers

Brit - Based in Bristol. Blog history includes The Daily Duck and Bryan Appleyard's Thought Experiments. His own is Think of England.

Bryan Appleyard - Based in London and Norfolk. Writes for the Sunday Times, New Statesman and numerous other publications. His blog is Thought Experiments.

Gaw - Based in London. Blog history includes The Spectator Arts Blog. His own is Ragbag.

Nige - Based in London and in an Earthly Paradise nearby. Blog history includes Bryan Appleyard's Thought Experiments. His own is Nigeness.

Worm - Based in the West Midlands. His own blog is Ruminant.

Weekly Dabblers

Frank Key - the legendary proprieter of Hooting Yard brings you Key's Cupboard every Friday.

Susan Muncey - trend forecaster and founder-curator of the magnificent online curiosity shop, ShopCurious.com, brings you RetroProgressive every Saturday.

Dabbling Free

Jon Hotten - Jon is the author of The Years of the Locust and other books, blogs here, and is also the proprietor of the web's finest cricket blog.